Why is skin and nail fungus dangerous?

Why is skin and nail fungus dangerous?

According to the WHO, fungal diseases appear more often in countries where access to clean water is limited. Low level of hygiene, poverty, forcing the use of one bed linen or a towel for the whole family, unsanitary conditions – all this provokes real “fungal epidemics”.

But the fungus can also appear in a person who lives in the most expensive quarter of Moscow or New York and follows all hygienic procedures. How does this happen?

The causes of fungal diseases of the skin and nails
Here are just the most basic reasons for the appearance of fungus on the skin or nails:

  1. Lack of hygiene.

You don’t have to give up showering for weeks to get fungus. Sometimes it is enough not to wash your feet once after a hard day at work. Especially if your feet are sweating in shoes, as happens, for example, in winter boots.

  1. Dirty floor of the house.

In our standard apartments, the hallway is a transit zone, where people walk both in shoes and barefoot. The dirt brought from the street can contain absolutely any microorganisms, and not everyone is ready to wash the floor every evening . Therefore, it is best to wear slippers at home.

  1. Public saunas and swimming pools.

Do not give up visiting the pool or sauna: their benefits for the body have long been proven by hundreds of studies. But walking there barefoot or sitting on surfaces without putting your towel on is definitely not worth it.

  1. Contact with animals.

Do not be afraid to touch your cat or dog, but it is better not to let them play with stray animals and always wash their paws after walking. And if you stroke an unfamiliar pet on the street, be sure to immediately wash your hands with soap or treat with an antiseptic: fortunately, today its presence is a new form of etiquette.

  1. Contact with soil or sand.

Walking barefoot on the hot sand on the seashore or on the warm ground by the cool river is something worth waiting for summer for or leaving for warm countries. But this pleasure can easily turn into a trip to a dermatologist: public beaches are almost the main breeding grounds of the fungus. If the surfaces in the pool are washed and processed, then this is definitely not done with sand or earth . We advise you to buy beautiful slates and not worry about your health.

What is skin and nail fungus ?
A “fungus” is understood as a whole complex of various diseases and pathogens. But usually we are talking only about some types of fungus:

Dermatomycosis. Caused by the fungi Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton. Affects skin and occasionally nails. At first, it may not seem serious, because the first symptoms are:

the appearance of pink or red spots on the body, which have a clear shape and pigmentation around the perimeter;
itching in the place of spots, which does not always appear .
If you do not consult a doctor in time and do not prescribe the correct treatment, then the symptoms can become much more serious:

the appearance of dandruff;
baldness of lesions;
the occurrence of suppuration;
uncontrolled increase in the area of the affected areas.
Onychomycosis. Caused by the fungi Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton interdigitale, Trichophyton tonsurans. It affects the nails and is the most common type of fungal infection. Has the following symptoms that appear as the fungus develops:

the nail begins to turn yellow;
the nail exfoliates and thickens;
an unpleasant odor appears that cannot be eliminated by any means;
deformation of the plate occurs, irregularities and “waves” appear ;
the nail completely dies and “peels off” from the finger.
Why can skin and nail fungus be dangerous?
Fungus of the skin and nails can occur either as an independent disease, or as a consequence of existing ones. For example, frequent fungal infections can indicate problems such as:

the presence of viral hepatitis;
HIV infection;
a general decrease in immunity, which can cause the development of very serious diseases.
In addition, the development of the fungus can cause serious harm to health and reduce the quality of life. With endless itching, it is impossible to concentrate on daily activities, and ulcers on exposed parts of the body can be frightening for many.

Moreover, the fungus is easily transmitted to other people, and being a source of infection is, at the very least, unpleasant. By the way, when detecting symptoms of a fungus , you should not visit public places with favorable conditions for its development: saunas, swimming pools, cosmetology and beauty salons.

How to cure skin and nail fungus
It is extremely dangerous to treat the fungus with folk remedies. For one type of fungus, using a particular ointment can be fatal, while for another it can be an excellent breeding ground. Folk remedies are generally useless, so that the fungus will simply be to develop further, as long as you do not begin to treat it properly.

You cannot postpone a visit to the doctor if you have discovered the first signs of a fungal infection. A timely analysis and well-chosen treatment will not only return your life to its usual course in the shortest possible time, but also protect your loved ones, because even with the slightest contact, the disease can be transmitted to another person.

An experienced doctor will not only prescribe an analysis to determine the type of fungus, but will also conduct a full examination: determine the exact localization of foci of the disease, prescribe accompanying tests in case of additional complaints or symptoms.

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